Create your unique event, in a fewclicks.

We make it easy for you to plan unique events and experiences for your company in just a few clicks: book venues, hire suppliers, sell/validate tickets and integrate with your CRM.

They trust us:

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Work process

How we work?

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Define the objectives of your event

Choose your target, type of event, capacity, date, budget, needs, etc.

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Create your ideal experience

Design the content and creative part of your events using AI and our team of experts.

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Find suppliers

Book spaces and hire suppliers through our marketplace.

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Manage with data

Sign digital contracts, make your payments in an automated way, check your analytics and integrate with your CRM.


Create unique events and experiences

Business dinners

Organize your dinner in the best restaurants or with a luxury catering.


Yoga, painting, meditation sessions... with Culpass everything is possible.


Make your event an unforgettable experience with the best DJs and bands.


Organize your event from scratch with Culpass: networking, workshops, speakers, etc.


Our pillars


Whether it is an open or private event for your team, we give you visibility; sell and validate tickets, register and communicate with participants.


We have hundreds of venues, vendors, artists and more to help you create unique events and experiences.


Know all the details of your event from real data: analyze KPIs, know your most demanded services, event ROI, feedback, lead tracking, etc.


Getting started is very easy


Your fast and comfortable corporate event: teambuilding, breakfasts, conferences, round tables...

Basic plan:

  • Venue
  • Catering
  • Staff (Photographers, Hostesses...)
  • Artists
  • Ticketing


Take your event to the next level. Connect with hundreds of suppliers and unique venues to create your presentation, inauguration, networking event...

Basic plan plus:

  • Integral event organization
  • Merchandising
  • Technology and decoration
  • Social responsability
  • Emissions offsets
  • Furniture
  • Personalized attention


Your event completely customized and tailor-made for big occasions: trade shows, presentations, meetings... Unlock all the benefits of Culpass.

Premium plan plus:

  • 100% customization
  • Gamification
  • Event organizer

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